Clean Canvas More Art

Clean Canvas More Art is a private laser studio specializing in laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening. We offer appointments at two convenient locations: The Lower East Side and Westbury in Long Island.

The skilled Virgina Elwood from
Brooklyn's Saved Tattoo gets lasered

Accomplished tattooer Marco Serio
owner of Blue Blood Studios in Amsterdam
visits for his laser treatment.

TattooDo films as Photographer Lani Lee
gets Zapped!

Clean Canvas More Art is where the most talented tattoo artists go to get their laser tattoo removal and lightening work done.

Clean Canvas More Art has created a clean and safe environment for you to finally get rid your old and unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal requires the use of a specialized laser, a Q-switch YAG laser.

At Clean Canvas More Art, we use the HoyaConBio Medlite C6 and the Revlite lasers for all laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening treatments.

Want to get rid of your exís name or your wedding band? Tattoo removal is your way to get a fresh start.

Got a Tribal armband but want a Japanese half-sleeve? Tattoo lightening is your solution. Lightening a tattoo with laser gives your tattoo artist a clean canvas to give you a new custom tattoo. Laser tattoo lightening creates space on your skin, where there once was none.

Laser tattoo removal is precise enough to remove a portion of your tattoo without compromising the rest of your tattoo.

To get started with your laser treatments please see the Internet Consultation page. After submitting the required information, you will receive a customized laser treatment plan, including pricing and estimated number of laser treatments. Itís just that simple.